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What is on-the-day stationery and why do I need it for my wedding?


So, I talk a lot about on-the-day stationery. It's the main part of my wedding offering - but what does it actually mean? Okay, so without stating the absolute obvious, it is all the essential stationery you need ON THE DAY of your wedding - who'd have guessed it right?

Cool - end of blog post, thanks for reading.

Just kidding - I wanted to write this blog post because there is SO MUCH you can do with your on-the-day stationery (especially when, like me, any item is a contender for being drawn all over with calligraphy). I think it's such an important part of your day as there are so many different options for textures, materials and style that it is KEY in setting the mood for your day and getting across your personality.

So here are some ideas for you:

1. Place settings - on textured paper, card, agate, perspex, leaves - the options are endless!

2. Table names - whether as simple and elegant as one, two, three or the pet names you call each other (this was one of my brides last year!) you have so many options for getting your personality across, and again, the options are endless - framed, unframed, perspex or wooden, silver or gold, and so many more!

3. Table plan - this one is obviously an essential but that doesn't mean it has to be boring - it could be on an opulent mirror oozing grandeur, a quirky chalkboard giving a rustic feel, a hanging perspex sign for a fresh, contemporary style or a chandelier of handing card. Let's get creative!

4. Welcome signs and order of the day - welcome your guests to the day and tell them the planned timings. When can I eat? When should I top up my lipstick for photos? They'll appreciate it - trust me.

5. Menu cards - okay maybe this is just me as a fussy eater but who else wants to know what they're eating?!

6. Photobooth backdrop - exclusive to Gemma Jane Design this is a floor to ceiling wooden screen backdrop with calligraphy quotes written all over it. It comes with a Polaroid to hire and a guestbook to stick in your snaps (also personalised with your names on the front, OF COURSE).

7. Got yourself a photobooth already but still need a guestbook? Get it personalised so it's truly one of a kind.

8. Aisle features - walking down the aisle towards your husband or wife to be deserves the most beautiful backdrop. Lyrics from your song? Your vows? SO MANY OPTIONS!

Photo by Rubie Love Wedding Photography

9. Quote boards - it's important to set the tone of the day, whether that's with romantic quotes or funny quips, get your personality across with signs dotted around the venue.


I hope these have got your creative juices flowing but basically the message is - you can do so much with stationery on the day of your wedding to put yourselves into the feel of the day and set the tone for the guests. I love working on bespoke projects so if you want to talk about how to make sure stationery truly unique, I'm your gal.

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