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Welcome to Gemma Jane Design!

Hello! Welcome to the brand spanking new Gemma Jane Design, and welcome to my very first blog post (eek!). I’m not a natural writer but I thought it was important that I wrote this to tell you all about my new name & new look, so you’re not left wondering “what the hell is Gemma Jane Design?” or “where did The Vintage Party Co. go?”. So here I am, writing to tell you about what’s been going on, and what you can expect from me in 2018.

This is me with my wonderful mother Jane - my name is Gemma and I am the creative / calligrapher / sign-writer behind Gemma Jane Design, formerly known as The Vintage Party Co.

I started The Vintage Party Co., a decoration hire and styling business, after throwing my mum a huge vintage garden party - bunting, lanterns, chalkboard signs, the lot. I loved all the prettiness of the vintage trend and the appreciation of handmade - all my bunting was lovingly hand sewn, I collected vintage crockery from car boots and charity shops and slowly but surely grew my collection. I loved every event I worked on and how unique each of the weddings were.

I found however that the biggest demand by far was my hand drawn signs and the more I worked on them, the more I fell in love with calligraphy and hand lettering. It led me to a whole new world of not just chalkboard signs but mirrors, perspex, hand stained upcycled wood, fabric, all transformed into handmade, beautifully personalised signs for my gorgeous brides and grooms. I have found a new passion in the skills I have learned to transform different textures and materials into personalised items for your weddings and I wanted to make sure my name, logo and branding aligned with this new direction - to create stunning calligraphy signage for brides and grooms with an eye for understated beauty. I am absolutely loving the new name and logo, which is made from my very own handwriting doodles and is courtesy of the fabulously talented Jenny Collier.

You can expect lots of new products from me in the coming months as I explore different materials and textures to create understated, stylish, contemporary signage for your wedding. As before, I love a bespoke challenge so if you’re looking to create something as unique as you for your wedding day please let me know! I’ll also be launching some calligraphy workshops later in the year to help you to create your very own hand drawn signs. Be sure to sign up for the newsletter if you want to keep up with the latest goings on in my world! I’ll be blogging more as well, and I have some plans for some video tutorials (once I can figure out the tech behind them!).

But for now, I’d love to know what you think about the new website & logo. Please do leave me a comment and say hi!


Gemma xx

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