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New Year, new me?

Okay, so you’re going to have to bear with me on this one as I’m getting personal. I’ve realised over this last year that the brands that I love the most, the ones where I rush to watch their stories, the ones I cheer on from the sidelines when they launch a new product and am genuinely excited to buy from are the ones where I feel connected to the person behind the brand. So this new year I’m not making any big resolutions, other than to let you into my journey a little more, to show you a little more of my brain, in the hope that you’ll get to know me a little better.

See, small businesses are such magical things. They are the dreams of a creative individual who puts their life and soul into that business that becomes like their child, and you see it in everything they do. From their social media posts, to their blogs, to their products, their businesses ooze their very selves out of every orifice. It’s magical, but as a fellow small business owner, it’s also intimidating.

It’s intimidating to have to show up every day on social media, on your blog, in your newsletter to your mailing list that you’re supposed to have been growing. To show up on days when you don’t know if you can do it, when you don’t know if you’ll succeed, or when something happens in your life that makes it hard to show up. It’s intimidating being website designer, IT support, SEO wizard when you feel like you’re winging it in all those areas. It’s intimidating to always think about how far you have to go instead of thinking about how far you’ve come. It’s intimidating to think of failure, to think of putting yourself out there on full display for people to judge.

But if I’ve learnt anything from my business journey in 2018, it’s that you have to put yourself out there in order to find your people. See, it’s not enough just to be good at what you do. It’s not enough to be a creative person with a skill that people might want to buy. You have to find your people. This year, I will be braver in putting myself out there, because I know my people are with me, they have made themselves known. I will tell you when I succeed and I will tell you when I fail, and I’ll tell you when I care about something or when something makes me angry. This little business is me, I put my heart and soul into it and I promise to tell you more about that.

To new customers who have emailed to tell me they’ve been following me for months and now they are finally engaged and need my services, to new customers who send me screenshots of my work they’ve been collecting and want to book, and to past customers who message me asking if we can do it all again when they see my new designs - THANK YOU. You are my people, and I am so bloody privileged to have you here. I never could have dreamed it at the beginning. And to other small business owners who might have felt any of this - let’s eat cake and drink tea.

Happy New Year darlings x

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