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Going Beyond Paper - The 5 Hottest Trends In Calligraphy Wedding Signage

So, new year new me and all that jazz - I’m back with another blog post - yay! This time I want to tell you all about my favourite trends in the wonderful word of wedding calligraphy so you can find some inspiration and save yourself some time getting lost in those Pinterest rabbit holes (we’ve all been there, am I right?!). When I’m not beavering away on a client commission, I’m reading up on what’s new in weddings, visiting gorgeous venues and making connections with other creative suppliers and wedding business owners. I’m always keeping an eye on the new trends, and the innovative ways that fellow suppliers are coming up with to design mind-blowing weddings never fail to amaze me. There are some seriously talented people out there, guys!

In my particular little corner of the wedding world, I’m thrilled to be seeing couples getting more adventurous with the materials on which they choose to display their calligraphy and signage. Gone are the days when the most ambitious you could get was card with a slight sheen to it (thank God!), and I love it when my couples come to me with a creative brief that I can really get my teeth into.

Here are some of my favourite recent commissions and trends that I love. Which is your favourite?

Creative and Contemporary Calligraphy Materials


The trend for all things transparent is one that’s still going strong, and I’m so pleased! Perspex or acrylic signage gives an instant urban edge to your décor, and I particularly love it when paired with white ink, luscious dark foliage and some warm copper or rose gold accents. Sleek, stylish hand-lettering heaven!

Photo credit - Rubie Love Photography, table plan by yours truly


If you want your calligraphied elements to have a feel of elegance and grandeur, then a mirror is the way to go. Large mirrored table plans make a real statement, and why not up the opulence levels with a gorgeous gilt frame? Bonus - your guests can check their make up as they head through for dinner - win!

Photo from a gorgeous day at the fabulous Hengrave Hall


A personal favourite of mine. Nature provides some incredible canvases for calligraphy, and while it add an extra challenge to keep everything fresh for the wedding day, there’s nothing quite so beautiful as a long table set with dozens of hand lettered leaves as place settings. The deep, glossy green matches so well with a range of coloured inks – shimmering metallics, crisp and clean white, deep and majestic blues… there’s a rainbow to choose from!

Photo credit Rubie Love Photography, place setting Gemma Jane Design, styling and crockery Brown Birds Wedding and foliage VV Raven Floral

Photo credit Rubie Love Photography, table number Gemma Jane Design, styling and crockery Brown Birds Wedding and foliage VV Raven Floral


Don’t get me wrong, a good old-fashioned paper commission adds the art of hand lettering to your day in an understated elegant way (ooh it rhymes, how exciting). I love to play with textured paper or adding rough cut (deckled) edges to my on the day stationery, and using gorgeously thick, handmade paper stock.


This is a motto I like to apply in every aspect of my life, (probably from the days of it being shouted at me on nights out in Manchester, but that’s a story for another day) planning your wedding stationery is no exception. The point is - think big people!

On the day stationery doesn’t have to mean stopping at menus and place cards. Some of my absolute favourite commissions have been on a large scale. Think aisle runners with poems or large hanging canvases hand painted with your favourite quotes and love notes to each other (check out this post if you’re struggling for ideas of what to write.)

I’d love to hear about your signage ideas and favourite trends you’ve spotted on those Instagram and Pinterest sessions (no shame here, I sit down for 5 mins with Instagram and am still there an hour later watching a wedding cake being made in slow motion - it’s all cool). For a free consultation and to discuss potential projects, get in touch and say hello. I can’t wait to hear from you.

Love Gemma xxx

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